Wild Maine Blueberries

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Likely when you think about Maine, the first thing that comes to mind is lobster. While we are famous for that tasty crustacean, there’s another delectable treat Maine is well known for….wild blueberries!

Native to Maine and covering 40,000 acres of the state, “low bush” or wild blueberries are Maine’s state fruit. Not only are they smaller, sweeter and more delicious than cultivated or “high bush” blueberries, they also contain double the amount of antioxidants and fiber. Maine produces a whopping 99% of the wild blueberries in the US.

If you happen to be visiting at the right time, typically mid-August, you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet treat freshly picked. You can purchase hand picked berries at many roadside stands or you can purchase them frozen, canned or even dried (think blueberry raisin!).

Stop at any local gift shop and you will find an abundance of all things blueberry. From soaps, syrups, salad dressing, vinegar, candies, pancake mixes, patterned fabrics, the world of blueberry things is endless.

The best thing to make with those sweet, juicy, wild blueberries you just picked up? Pie of course! We recommend Dysart’s famous recipe.

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