What to Pack for Your Maine Vacation

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Packing for vacation can be a dreaded task and room in your suitcase or car could be crowded. We want to make sure you enjoy you vacation and make sure you pack the essentials. So what should you make sure to pack?

Clothing for all weather conditions

The saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Maine, wait five minutes.” and nothing is more true! A sunny morning can quickly turn into a chilly night so it’s important to pack various types of clothing. Be sure to bring along some sweaters or sweatshirts, long pants and even a rain jacket. You’ll want some different options of footwear also. Sneakers, flip flops and some sturdy hiking shoes if you’re going to be exploring are a must.


Your Maine vacation is going to most likely consist of a lot of outdoor time. Be it hiking in Acadia National Park, playing on the beach at your rental or even just walking around town shopping. The AAD recommends using sunscreen containing an SPF of at least 30. For more sunscreen facts you can visit the AAD wesbite.

Bug Spray

Nothing can ruin a night around the campfire worse than a swarm of pesky mosquitoes. Be sure to a can or two of bug spray is included in your travel bag. If you plan to be out hiking it’s also a good idea to have a spray that is effective against ticks too. The University of Maine Cooperative Extension Pest Management Unit suggest purchasing a bug spray containing DEET or¬†Picaridin among other effective ingredients.

Phone/Tablet Chargers

If you plan to stay in touch withe family or post updates of your vacation be sure you pack the proper charging cables for your phone and/or tablet. That is unless you want a good reason to really “unplug” during your stay!


Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash and any other personal hygiene preferences.


None of our rentals are too remote to make the trip to a store if you leave something at home but who wants to waste their valuable time on vacation standing in the checkout line at the store?

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