Want to Enjoy a Family Vacation in Maine?

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If so… Consider your location options.

After your family has gotten into the routine of working and going to school for several months, your kids may have a break for a week or two, which is an excellent opportunity to go on a family vacation. Request the time off now, and start deciding where you want to go and what you want to do with your kids on family vacation.

Maine is a beautiful state that you may have always dreamed of visiting. Fortunately, you can find tons of vacation rentals that you can stay at for anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Your options are extensive, so it is worth learning about the various areas at which you can stay.

If you love the idea of staying somewhere that can give you the feeling of camping in the woods but with amenities that you are used to at home, you will enjoy staying at a woodland cabin. Maine is home to all kinds of wild animals including foxes, porcupines, moose, and owls. If you are patient and lucky, you may be able to spot these animals with your family. Our Offshore rental would be a perfect choice!

Another area at which you may want to stay is the beach. Depending on the rental property, you may also be able to bring your dog along and take them to the beach with you to roam around. This is a great place to go if you live far away from the beach, and your kids have never been to the ocean.

You can enjoy many activities as a family such as paddling, swimming, and kayaking. If you feel confident in your kids’ swimming skills, you can relax on the beach while they play in the water. You will also have the freedom to choose from vacation rentals in populated areas or you can find ones in more remote locations so that your family can enjoy the beaches in privacy. Check out our beachfront rentals! 

Staying at a lakefront property is a possibility when you go on vacation in Maine. Also, compared to the beach, you will have unique activities that you can partake in with your family. A different ecosystem surrounds lakes so you will enjoy a multitude of animals to observe such as otters, beavers and the famed loon. William’s Wonder is a perfect example of our lakefront rentals!

When you plan a vacation, one of the most important parts is finding a place to stay. Learning about your location options will help you feel confident about where you end up choosing. Contact Vacation Cottages if you have any questions or want to start making lodging plans.

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