Vacationing With Your Dog

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Planning to go away on vacation when you have a dog can be overwhelming. Having to find a family member, friend or pet sitter to keep them company or paying expensive kennel boarding fees aren’t necessary when you vacation with us! As pet owners ourselves, we understand that your dog isn’t just a dog, it’s a member of your family and they deserve to enjoy a Maine vacation too. We are happy to have have a number of pet friendly rental properties throughout the area. We want to make preparing to travel with your dog as easy as possible. Below you will find some hopefully helpful information.

Things to pack for your dog:

Food and water bowls – While our rentals are all fully equipped for human occupancy and have plenty of dishes and bowls, please be respectful that other people will be using those after your stay and don’t use rental bowls for your dog. Don’t forget the dog food!

Leash – Please be mindful that Maine has a leash law and dog’s should be leashed at all times, especially in public areas. We high suggest keeping your dog leashed when taking it outside at the rental property to do its business as there are many new smells and even critters that they might want to pursue.

Waste bags – Picking up after you dog outside is just as important as cleaning up after them inside. The next renters of the property surely don’t want any hidden surprises when they’re enjoying the property. Waste bags can be purchased fairly cheaply on Amazon or at your local pet store. These are also important to take with you if you’re going hiking.

Blankets – While we stipulate that dogs are not allowed on the furniture in our rental properties, if they are accustomed to this at home, chances are it’s going to be hard to keep them off at your rental. Plan ahead by bringing some old blankets to throw over the furniture or on the bed. Not only will this help protect the furniture, it can help protect your wallet from extra pet cleaning fees.

Dog bed – If your dog sleeps on a bed a home bring it along! They will certainly be more comfortable and feel at home with it.

Crate – If your dog has been crate trained it’s important to bring your crate along with you. Most crates are collapsible for east transportation. This will give your dog a safe space in the rental and will eliminate the risk of them chewing or destroying anything in the rental if they get anxious when you leave.

Toys – Your kids will want to bring along a toy or two to keep them occupied and happy so don’t forget to pack a few of your dogs favorite toys too!

Things to remember:

We require that all dogs be on a flea treatment. Many dogs are already on a treatment schedule and of your’s is one, be mindful when their next dosage will be. If it’s during your vacation time, don’t forget to pack it to avoid bring home any unwanted guests. Due to the increase in ticks in Maine, we strongly suggest that your flea treatment contain a tick repellent also (most do). If your dog does happen to get a tick on them, use a pair of tweezers and grab onto the tick as close as you can get to the head, pull straight out to avoid breaking off the head. In most instances the tick will still be alive when you pull it out, dispose of it by flushing down the toilet.

Dogs and cars on hot days do not go together. Every year hundreds of dogs die of heat exhaustion from being left in cars on hot days. Even with the windows down and parked in the shade, your car’s temperature can increase quickly.

Where to go:

Bar Harbor is one of the most dog friendly towns in the country. Many restaurants  allow dogs at their outside seating and many shops and business will allow you to bring your dog in with you.

One of the most loved stops for you dog will be a visit to Bark Harbor. Here they can pick out a special new toy or a specially made dog treat.

Acadia National Park also welcomes your dog but not the whole park is dog friendly, there are only certain areas that allow your dog and the do require it to be leashed.

In case of emergency:

There are a number of area vets that are happy to accommodate you if your dog falls ill or has an accident during your vacation. There is also an Emergency Vet Clinic located in Brewer that is open for after hour care.

Oceanside Animal Hospital – Trenton

Small Animal Clinic – Ellsworth

Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital – Blue Hill

Bucksport Veterinary Hospital – Bucksport

Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic – Brewer

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