Terms and Conditions

1. Reservations: All reservations made online through our website or by phone by contacting our office will be approved by email or phone call by one of our rental agents. By personally approving all reservations we ensure that the property you have requested is a suitable fit for you. Should a rental agent deem that your chosen property is not a suitable fit, you will be sent alternate properties to select from.

2. Rental Agreement: Once your reservation has been approved you will be sent a rental agreement for your stay. This agreement must be signed and returned within 10 days to finalize your reservation. No reservation will be finalized without a signed rental agreement.

3. Arrivals and Departures: Check-In is after 4:00PM on the arrival day. Check-Out is by 10:00AM on the departure day.

4. Trash Removal: All properties are equipped with at least two large outdoor trash receptacles. On your departure day, all trash from inside the rental must be placed in these receptacles by 9:00AM to ensure that they are picked up by trash removal services. Please make sure lids are secure on outdoor trashcans at all times. Failure to comply with trash removal instructions could result in additional fees.

5. Pets: Pets are not permitted without permission from Vacation Cottages and the Homeowner. Please refer to each property page in reference to if pets are permitted. A non-refundable pet fee will be collected. At this time we can only dogs can be accepted, no cats or small animals.

6. Smoking: All of our rental properties are Non-Smoking. If evidence of smoking is found, an additional cleaning fee will be charged to the renter and is grounds for possible eviction without refund.

7. Fireworks: While fireworks are legal in Maine, each individual city/town has their own firework ordinances. Because Firework use is not legal in all Maine towns, and as a courtesy for surrounding neighbors, Vacation Cottages does not permit the use of fireworks at any of our rental properties.

8. Payments: Dependent on when your reservation is made, your payment options will differ. If a reservation is made within 90 days of arrival, payment will be due in full. If your reservation is made more than 90 days in advance of your arrival, 50% payment may be made at the time of your reservation and the remaining 50% will be collected 60 days prior to your arrival. If you choose to make more than one payment, a $7.00 installment fee will be added to each payment.

9. Cancellations: The rental season in Maine is very short and because of this we have a very strict cancellation policy. While we look out for the best interest of our Renters, our Homeowners are also our customers. Many of our Homeowners count on the income generated by rentals to keep their property up and running for many seasons to come. If a renter must cancel their reservation, at any time, all monies paid are non-refundable and the Renter will be responsible for paying any remaining balance due on the reservation. Vacation Cottages will make every effort to attempt to re-rent the property for the same time period, for the same amount. If the attempt is successful, the canceling party will be refunded monies paid, minus a 25% cancellation fee.

10. Properties for Sale: If a property is for sale, every effort will be made to work the Realtor agent to schedule showings during the property’s turnover day. A 24 hour notice will be provided to the Renter in the event of any showing. Vacation Cottages and the Realtor will make every effort to not disrupt any stay with showings, but if a Renter wishes to avoid this kind of disturbance during their stay it is suggested they choose a property that is not for sale.

11. Master Listing: Vacation Cottages advertises listings on other places across the web. The listing found on www.vacationcottages.com is considered the “master” advertising listing for each property. Information on other listing sites may not be up to date so Renters should always revert back to our company site and review the master listing.

12. Cleaning: All properties are fully cleaned between each rental. This includes fresh, clean linens in bedrooms and bathrooms and cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces. We ask that Renters do their part in aiding in the cleaning process by leaving the rental in the same cleanliness that they found it upon their arrival. In the rare event the property requires additional cleaning beyond a normal “turnover” clean, the Renter will be billed $25.00/hour for the cost of the additional cleaning.