Maine Authors: Past and Present

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E.B. White

For many years E.B. White spent his time down near the shore of his property in Brooklin writing in his boat house. His boathouse is where he found the inspiration and creativity to develop the stories that we have all come to love and know. His large barn and acres of fields were the perfect backdrop for his animals to come to life in his book ” Charlotte’s Web”. 

After his passing, his farm was purchased by the Gallants who had maintained the home just as E.B. White had kept it for the past 30 years. Recently, new owners have purchase the property from the Gallant’s and plan to keep everything the same. If you are ever given the opportunity to visit the old farm, you will still find the rope swing and desk nook located in the old barn. E.B. White was an animal lover, and in this article,  The Nature of E.B. White by Michael Simm’s you will find more in depth research into his fascination and understanding of animals. 

Robert McCluskey

Robert McCluskey moved to Little Deer Isle, Maine with his family shortly after WWII. He treasured the natural wonders that  Maine offers; including Outer Scott Island off of Penobscot Bay. This island was his inspiration for “One Morning in Maine”.  In “Time of Wonder” and “Blueberry’s for Sal”, the vivid illustrations lead readers to live vicariously through each story. Readers can envision themselves turning over logs and finding the hidden gems throughout the forest after a rough storm or hand picking berries in the field with their mother. Many locals can relate to the adventures of Sal and Jane because they were going to similar places as a child.  Sharing his memories of his children through his stories has created an open invitation for others to come visit Maine. Visitors can create similar memories that they have read about in his stories.

Stephen King 

Stephen King was born and raised in Maine for most of his life, attending the University of Maine at Orono. He now resides in Bangor with his wife Tabatha, with whom he met at his Alma mater. Their home has become a destination for passerby’s to capture photos in front of the spooky cast iron fence that separates his home from the road.  Many of his suspense and horror novels have been turned into movies and television shows. Each one leaves the audience on the edge of their seat wondering what is going to happen next. Pet Semetary was based in the made up town of “Ludlow” Maine, which actually sounds similar to some of our own towns. The novel was later filmed primarily in parts of Bangor and Hancock; which happens to be right down the road from a few of our rentals.

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