How And Where To Eat A Maine lobster

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How And Where To Eat A Maine Lobster

The State of Maine’s coastal waters are responsible for 90% of our nations lobster supply. The Town of Stonington ranks as the number one highest distribution port for lobsters being harvested.  As vacationers find themselves traveling to the great state of Maine, most make it their priority to eat a Maine lobster. One usually goes to Maine for lobster as they would go to Illinois for deep dish pizza. Whether you have never been to Maine before or traveling to a new part for the first time, here is how and where to eat a Maine lobster near Acadia National Park area.

Need help learning how to cook your lobster? Let us help you with a few tips and tricks.

Do you want to avoid the entire process of cooking the lobsters and finding somewhere you can have them cooked for you to eat in or take home? We have some recommendations on where to find those too.

Here’s what you will need

  • 10 quart metal lobster pot/canner – our rentals come equipped with these pots. 
  • regular water with salt to it or salt water if available
  • lobsters
  • pot holders 
  • metal tongs
  • paper towels


  • Timer
  • Flavor Satchel (bay leaves,coriander, parsley, and lemon halves) add to water for additional flavor.
  • Rolling pin

Cooking process

  1. Fill your lobster pot 2/3 of the way with water, wait for it to have a rolling boil.
  2. Add lobsters to the pot (optional to keep the bands on, they are there for safety. If you take them off be cautious about getting pinched). Cover. 
  3. Follow the boiling instructions above
  4. To check if the lobsters are done, they will turn bright red- pull on the antenna of the lobster, if the antenna pops off the lobster is done.
  5. Drain water or remove lobsters with tongs *caution they will be very hot*

How to Eat the lobster

  1. Carefully place on hand on the tail and the other on the body and twist apart. Now take the tail and break off the flipper, carefully push your thumb through the end and push the tail meat through the larger end of the tail.
  2. There are small pieces of meat in eat flipper fins.
  3. You may find that there is green “stuff” that is on the tail and the body cavity. That is called tomalley, which is part of the lobsters liver, many people find this as a delicacy and delicious.
  4. Twist off the claws from the body. You will want a picker to remove the meat from the joints of the lobster.
  5. Then take a cracker and break open the claws.
  6. There is meat in each individual lobster leg, you can either bite down on the leg and pull back the meat that is in there or place the legs on a board and roll them out with a rolling pin.
  7. Next take the top of the lobsters body off and there will be all sorts of meat throughout the cavity, You can split the cavity in half to make picking more accessible. You will want to use a the metal picker to reach in the smaller crevisses.

After you have picked out all of the lobster meat, we suggest melting butter and putting your lobster in there to eat it that way. Others mix the lobster meat with mayonnaise and put it in a toasted roll.

There are many other ways to cook lobsters, but we prefer the traditional method of boiling.

Where to go:

Blue Hill: 
Sleighbelle Shoppe

The Sleighbelle Shoppe and Lobster Crate are owned by the Candage family in South Blue Hill, ME. Both are operated out of the same shop.  The Sleighbelle Shoppe serves as a gift shop where you can find locally Maine made items for sale. The Lobster crate provides fresh lobster caught daily by local fisherman for you to purchase. If you are unsure of how many lobsters you will need to feed your party, they can assist you.

 There are two options on how you receive your lobsters.

  • You may either buy the lobsters to cook yourself. 
  • For an extra dollar per pound have the Sleighbelle Shoppe cook your lobsters for you to pick up at a scheduled time.
  • To make sure there is availability, it is recommended to call in advance to see what are available for lobsters.

Here are some terms and lingo when placing your order:

  • Chicks- small lobsters that weigh under or around 1 lb.
  • Culls- lobsters of various sizes that are missing one or both claws from nature when hauled in the trap. This deformity makes the lobsters a cheaper price to purchase.
  • 1 lb
  • 1 ¼ lb
  • Selects- these are the large lobsters that weigh over 2 lbs each.
The Fish Net

The Fish Net in Blue Hill is a local take out spot that allows you to either buy live lobsters to take home or you can eat them there and avoid all the mess and clean up afterwards. If you have family members that are not keen on seafood, they also offer other selections to choose from. There are outdoor picnic tables and an indoor seating area.


Carrier’s Mainely Lobster

Located in Bucksport, Maine, Carrier’s is a take out location where you can order lobsters on the go to pick up, eat there or take home to cook.  They also have other selections of food to choose from. They offer indoor and outdoor seating. Carrier’s is a short distance to our rental William’s Wonder, Lazy Lane and Cappy’s Retreat.


Perry’s Lobster Shack

Family owned and operated lobster shack is located in Surry, ME right down the road from our rentals Cadilliac Views and Maine Squeeze. You can choose a table on the dock to sit and enjoy your meal. Watch boaters out in the distance or glance at Cadillac Mountain in the distance.  Perry’s offers different seafood varieties, but has fresh lobster delivered right to the dock daily. If you choose you can bring your own boat in and tie up at the dock. Check out their website for other menu options. 

Union River Lobster Pound

Dine in and get the full on seafood experience. Union River lobster pot has many selections of fresh seafood cooked in various ways. Do you want to eat a boiled lobster, but want to avoid all the mess? Their menu provides the option to order a “Lazy Lobster” where they will serve you already freshly picked out lobster served in butter. If you are looking for comfort food they even serve up a lobster mac and cheese, YUM! Spindle cottage is located in Ellsworth. 


Lobster Pound and Real Pit BBQ

Right on the outskirts of Ellsworth headed towards Mount Desert Island you will find Lobster Pound and Real Pit BBQ. Choose a picnic table or go in to their screened in seating area to feast on your lobster meal. As well lobster they serve up some delcious bbq. If you sit outside you can watch the process of how they cook your meal with their large lobster pot set up outside. Have your lobster and corn cooked all together in a bag and watch as it’s hauled out of the water and served up just right for you. Bay View Bluff is not far from this great spot. 

Winter Harbor:

The LobStore

The LobStore is located in Winter Harbor not a far of a distance from our rentals Swedish, Hazlemere and Amazing Views. This is more like  market where you can buy live or steamed lobsters. You may also have lobsters shipped too. Check out their gourmet sushi. 

Now that you know where to find your crustaceans, enjoy them at one of our lovely vacation rentals

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