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Vacation Cottages is the Premiere Agency to list your Maine vacation rental home with.  We offer several different home rental packages specifically designed to help individual home owners with their personal rental needs whether you just need some extra advertising to fill those hard to rent weeks or if you’re looking to fill 12+ weeks, our repeat client list dating back to 1979 and our powerful on line advertising will help get the job done.       


Our Non Managed Package  is perfect if you’re a Homeowners who advertises on you own or are just looking to fill empty or hard to rent weeks. Owners may not have the property listed with another agency but may rent all they want on their own without penalty.  For any  renters Vacation Cottages finds we will issue them a lease, collect and disperse funds including Maine lodging tax and will get them to the property via specific directions. Once arrived all the renters wants/needs will be the Homeowners responsibility to tend to and take care of.

Vacation Cottages creates a personalized web page and posts the property to then manages generic advertising to attract potential renters.


Our Full Managed Package is what you’re looking for if you’re a Homeowner who wants little to do with actually renting the property. Homeowners only responsibility  is to  have the water & electricity turned on and off at the beginning  and end of the each season and to give  6 of 8 week in July & August for renting.  Vacation Cottages pays for advertising, sends leases and once the renters have arrived we handle all the renters wants and needs. Homeowners never have contact with the renters and vise versa. Vacation Cottages is on call 24 / 7 and sees that the property is ready to rent in between guests and handles all problems and issues that may arise.  If Owner already has a caretaker and/or cleaner this package is still an option as we’d rather use people who already know the property!  Vacation Cottages schedules all maintenance help billing owner directly for usage of larger companies such as plumbers, electricians etc  however Vacation Cottages pays forward for approved cleaners/trash/lawn care and then will include funds in owner payment for reimbursement.


Vacation Cottages creates a personalized web page including extra photos and videos and then posts the property to After that we handle world wide advertising to attract potential renters. The property is listed on several other top rental web sites. Vacation Cottages spends an exuberant amount of money assuring a minimum of 6 weeks out of 8 prime weeks are rented.


Our Deluxe Package is for the Homeowners who wants nothing to do with renting and wants to relinquish all decision making and keys over to Vacation Cottages. Homeowners only responsibility is to cash the monthly checks which Vacation Cottages sends. Vacation Cottages handles every single aspect of renting including getting the house ready for rentals to closing the house up at the end of the season and handling all problems and emergencies in between. Vacation Cottages pays forward on all approved maintenance bills so money never comes out of the homeowners pocket.

Vacation Cottages creates a personalized web page including extra photos, videos and maps, then posts the property to After that we handle global advertising to attract the most potential renters possible. The property is listed as “top level” rentals on ALL top rental web sites. Vacation Cottages spends way too much money assuring all 8  prime weeks are rented plus off season weeks as bonuses.

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