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Maine Vacations: Why You Should Spend Your Holidays Here


When you cross the border into Maine, you’re greeted by a sign reminding you “Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” There’s a reason that we are referred to as Vacationland. From the rocky ocean shores to the inland mountains and forests, Maine is a four-season paradise that truly does offer something for everyone.

Many view Maine as being little more than a remote wilderness, more a part of Canada than the U.S., but it’s the feeling of truly being away from it all that draws thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. When you enjoy Maine vacations, it’s easy to kick back and relax every time, thanks to the slower pace, clean air, beautiful vistas, and overall sense of calm.

Maine is more than just lobsters, lighthouses, and moose (although there is plenty of each if that’s what you’re looking for.) You might be surprised that Maine is:

An Outdoor Paradise

Whether you prefer land- or water-based recreation, you can find it here. With more than 3,500 miles of coastline and 6,000 lakes, pond, rivers, and streams to explore, you can easily spend most of your vacation on the water, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming. If you prefer to stay on dry land, Maine has thousands of miles of hiking trails, including the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

From leisurely walks along carriage trails to strenuous mountain treks, most vacation spots in Maine are never more than a few miles from a beautiful hiking trail. You can also spend a summer day sunning on the beach, or enjoy the winter months skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling.

A Culinary Hotspot

You’ll find more fresh lobster on the menu than you could possibly eat at virtually any Maine eatery, but many visitors to vacation spots in Maine are surprised to find a foodie’s paradise. Farm to table isn’t just a trend here — it’s a way of life. Maine is home to a number of James Beard finalists, and you’ll find culinary delights in every city, town, and village. In addition, Maine is home to more than 50 craft breweries, and has a growing reputation for some of the finest craft beers in the country.

A Center of Arts and Culture

In every corner of the state, you’ll find art, theater, music, and more. Maine has a long and diverse culture that is celebrated in museums, historic sites, and festivals. For example, every summer the Bangor waterfront comes alive with the sounds of music from around the world at the American Folk Festival, an annual event that draws thousands of visitors. Maine’s art museums hold treasures from around the world, including one of the largest collections of works from the Wyeth family at the Farnsworth Museum in Camden.

A Place for Family Fun

When you stay in any of Vacation Cottages’ holiday rental properties in Maine, it’s almost as if you have stepped back in time. Here, the family can gather around a campfire to roast marshmallows, kids can collect fireflies in jars, and spend time outside enjoying the wonderful weather.

Kids can explore the natural world, or spend some time exploring a few of the more kid-centered activities, including two of the best children’s museums in the country located in Bangor and Portland, as well as several amusement and water parks.

When you consider everything that Maine has to offer, the question shouldn’t be “Why should we visit Maine?” but “What are we waiting for?” Call 888-291-3525 to rent one of our beautiful Maine vacation properties today.

Pictures taken from various areas of Mid Coast and Down east, Maine. Photography by Katie A. Wiberg. All photos copyright.

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