Get Real, Get Maine: Find a Farmers’ Market Near You!

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There is nothing better than enjoying the freshness of produce that is at the peak of its season. When buying from a local farmers’ market there is always great satisfaction knowing where your food came from.  Not only are you supporting the local farmer’s and craftsman in the area, you get first-hand experience meeting the people that helped create and provide the food that you are about to eat and the products that you will be using. While you are in Maine check out the local Farmer’s Markets that are in your area. Now that you have attended a local farmers market with the fresh produce what should you make? Check out this recipe for Ratatouille, where you can get the most flavor out of those in season vegetables! #getrealgetmaine

Town: Location Days Open: Hours Open for Season Notes
Blue Hill Blue Hill Fairgrounds Saturday 9:30am to 11am 5/28/16 to 10/15/16 Blue Hill Farmers Market
Brooklin 6 Bay Rd (rt.175) Thursday  1pm to 3pm May to October
Brooksville Cornfield Rd – Community Center Parking Lot Tuesday 9:30am to 12:00pm Brooksville Farmers Market
Deer Isle Town Hall Parking Lot, 20 Church Street Wednesday 930am to 11am  June to September Deer Isle Farmers Market
Deer Isle 11 Main Street Tuesday 4pm to 6pm Deer Isle Night Market
Stonington Across from the Island Community Center Friday 10 am to 12 pm 5/25/16 to 9/24/16 Please park on the right side of the road
Castine School St, Town Common Parking Lot Thursday 9am to 1130am June to September *Accepts WIC
Bucksport Across from the USPS Parking Lot, 99 Main Street Thursday 2pm to 5pm Check out their facebook page for events: Bucksport Bay Farmers Market
Northeast Harbor Harbor Drive on the Green Thursday 9am to 12pm 6/26/16 to 8/28/16 MDI Farmers Markets
Bar Harbor YMCA Parking Lot Sunday 9am to 12pm 5/11/16 to 8/28/16 Bar Harbor Eden Farmers Market
Town Hill (near Bar Harbor) Town Hill VIS Hall Parking Lot, State Rt. 102 Friday 3pm to 6pm June to September *Inbetween the Fire department and Camden National Bank, rainy days located inside the VIS 207-288-0067
Ellsworth Acadia Reality Parking Lot, 190 Main Street Saturday 930am to 12pm Starts in May Accepts cash, checks, EBTs, and WICs. Part of the SNAP program. Ellsworth Farmers Market
Ellsworth Maine Community Foundations Parking Lot, 245 Main Street Monday and Tuesday 230pm to 530pm Starts in June Accepts cash, checks, EBTs, and WICs. Part of the SNAP program. Ellsworth Farmers Market
Sullivan Sullivan Rec Center/Library Friday 3pm to 6pm

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