Brooklin,Maine The Little Town That Could

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The town of Brooklin, ME has always been a prime location.  For many vacationers, they spend their time taking courses at The Wooden Boat School  or cruising off the harbor of Center Harbor Yacht Club.  Brooklin is known as the boat capital of the world after all.

Over the past few years Brooklin has regenerated with new storefronts that are thriving: 



The Brooklin General Store has faced a complete overhaul over the past few centuries, which included the construction of an entirely new building in 2017. Nestled in the center of the town, you can stop in to fuel up your car or get food for your belly.



The store offers delicious breakfast sandwiches, pizza made to order, cold sandwiches, fine cheeses and more like locally made baked goods and pastries from Tinder Hearth Bakery.


Brookling Candy Co. is not just your average chocolate shop. Offering homemade chocolates to traditional chocolate to yummy creations with swirls of toffee and coconut.  “Sea glass” candies as well as Asian hard candies to suit your sweet tooth craving. 

Aside from the sweets, check out Brooklin Candy Co.’s Facebook page  for the different pop up dinner announcements.  That way you can reserve your seat or take out reservation. Brooklin Candy Co is located down the road from the elementary school.


Leaf and Anna, formerly known as Betsy’s sunflower has reopened with a new owner.   There are two locations in Brooklin, the original Leaf and Anna, and newly opened Sprout location all within walking distance of each other. Each of which have their own unique differences but carry greeting cards, designer kitchen towels to unique pieces of artwork. Any items purchased from each store are perfect keepsakes to cherish from your visit. Leaf and Anna is located in between The Brooklin General Store and the USPS.  Sprout is located diagonally from the Brooklin Library. 

Public Accesses and Events:
  • Every Thursday from 11am to 1pm there is a farmers market located next to the Brooklin library. You will find local farmers and craftsman selling their homemade and handcrafted products.  
  • At the end of Naskeag Point Rd, you will find a public boat launch and beach area. Many people ride their bikes and walk through Naskeag Point down to the beach area. 
  • If you are traveling with your dogs, Brooklin now has a fenced in dog park, located on the Bay Rd right before Harriman’s Point at the old Reggie Sherman baseball field.  All dogs must be vaccinated and up to date on their shots in order to play. The dog park is open Monday through Friday 3-4pm EST and Sunday 10-11am. 

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