Beach Combing in Maine

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Maine has 3478 miles of beach and rocky coastline. If you count all of the different islands that are not attached there is 5000 miles of coastline. There is nothing better then going to the beach on a sunny day whether it be to soak up the rays or even going on a dreary day. As you explore you will find different creatures come out with the environment changes. There may  be sea gulls flying around looking for fish or clams (sometimes even your lunch if you don’t pay attention) or even seals sunbathing on the rocks. As you make your way to the beach during your visit you will want to make sure you have some of these items while beach combing.

Beach combing necessities:

  • Bucket
  • Reliable Shoes
  • Comfy clothes
  • Extra clothes
  • Towels

All of the treasures that you find along your beach combing adventure can be placed in the bucket to ensure that you don’t lose those treasures. Reliable shoes are a necessity. There are some beaches that have a rockier course, for safety and security you will want to wear shoes that won’t fall of easily when your feet get wet. Flip flops are not ideal because you can lose the shoe in a soft spot in the mud or slip and fall on seaweed. You will want to wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty as well as a towel to wipe off the sand from your feet before getting in the car.

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Things to look for while scouring the beach:

  • Sea glass
  • starfish
  • sea urchins
  • shells
  • sand dollars
  • messages in a bottle
  • buoys
  • drift wood

Beach combing is fun for all ages. Explore the small tidal pools along the shore, looking closely you will find there are little organisms living in their small habitats. There are periwinkles that attach themselves to the rocks. If you pick up a periwinkle, put the back side of the shell against your throat and slowly start humming. After a minute or so look at the shell and see that the sea snail has popped its head out of the shell. The vibrations are said to relax the periwinkle and ease their guard of being snatched out of their shell from predators. If you go to touch the periwinkle after it’s out of the shell it will pop back in. As a child this was a fun activity to do when we would go to the beach.


A few of our favorite spots:

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The Deer Isle Causeway Beach is a great location that has many hidden little gems. When the tide is at its lowest point there is a sand bar that connects to an island across the way. Park your car, next to the road and walk across the sand bar to see what you can find. The Deer Isle Causeway Beach is right across the bridge from Turtle Camp which is along Eggemoggin Reach.

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Bakeman Beach (also known to some locals as “Powers and Cousins Beach” is located in Cape Rosier, Maine. This happens to be right down the road from one of our rentals,  Gull’s View. Gull’s view also has it’s own estuary area when the tide is low to explore.

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Here is a comparison of Carrying Place Beach on a cloudy and sunny day.

Carrying Place Beach on the Newbury Neck Rd in Surry offers a long shore line that wraps around for those to walk around the beach area. There is public parking across the road and a portable rest room available during the summer time for guests of the beach. This beach is about a 10-15 minute drive from Ellsworth. It a short distance down the road from the Maine Squeeze  rental.

Things to make out of beach findings:

  • earrings
  • drift wood designs
  • shadow boxes
  • door stops


If you would prefer to leave all products you have found at the beach in their natural habitat try your hand at making salt dough starfish that are beach inspired by the sea creatures.


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