Acceptable Use Policy

Vacation Cottages specializes in the rental of weekly summer properties along the coast of Maine. Many of these properties are waterfront or water view while others are in wooded or in-town locations. The primary rental season is on a weekly Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday basis between the months of June and October. By renting through a property manager, Renters can trust that they are getting the property as advertised. It is important that Renters understand we also have contractual relationships and serve as the representative for all Homeowners. It is our duty to treat all parties, both Homeowners and Renters fairly, honestly and respectfully.

We appreciate all of our Renters adhering to our Acceptable Use Policy during their stay. You will find that this policy is similar to many other vacation rental companies throughout the hospitality industry in the State of Maine and across the United State of America. If you need any clarification of any of our policies don’t hesitate to contact us.


All properties have a maximum occupancy that is specified on each property listing page. This is the maximum total of overnight guests permitted; children are included in this number. The number of adults and children staying at the rental property must be included in your reservation request. If you anticipate having overnight guest during your stay, you must gain approval from Vacation Cottages. Our Homeowners are looking to host families that have come to experience a relaxing Maine Vacation. Large family gatherings, weddings, reunions and other large events are not allowed at our rental properties without prior approval from Vacation Cottages and the Homeowner. Occupancy is also based on codes from the State Fire Marshall’s Office and septic system design.

Renter Responsibilities

Although only one Renter will be named on the reservation and sign the Rental Agreement, we expect every renter in the party to adhere to the agreement and this policy. The signer of the agreement must be at least 25 years of age (identification and proof of age should be provided upon request). We ask renters to remember that they have kindly been invited to spend their vacation in someone else’s home and should therefore be respectful of the property and all its furnishings and contents.

Check-In and Check-Out

Renters are expected to strictly adhere to check-in and check-out policies. Check-in time is on or after 4:00PM on the arrival day. Renters are not allowed entry to the property at any time before 4:00PM. If you anticipate that you will be arriving after dark please let one of our rental agents know and we will be sure to leave lights on for you. Check-out time is on or before 10:00AM on the departure day. Your reservation and rental agreement expire at the check-out time on the departure day; any time spent at the property beyond this time will be considered trespassing. Our cleaning and maintenance staffs are only allotted a short window of time to get the rental property ready for the next guest during “turnover” time so they greatly appreciate your adherence to check-in and check-out times.


While our cleaning team comes in after each rental, we ask that renters return the property to the cleanliness that they found it upon arrival. We ask that at a minimum you complete the following by 10:00AM on the day of check-out:

  • Wash all dishes and/or start the dishwasher
  • Remove all food items
  • Remove all trash from inside the rental and place in the proper outdoor receptacle for later pick-up
  • Strip all used bedding and place into a pile
  • Place all used towels into a pile
  • Start a load of laundry if the property is equipped with a washer/dryer
  • All appliances, counters, sinks and surfaces should be wiped clean
  • Carpets and floors should be cleaned of excessive debris


Included in your rental price is a Damage Waiver Fee. This is collected in replacement of a traditional “security deposit”. We understand that accidents happen and if at any time during your stay you accidentally break or damage something, simply call us and let us know right away. We will fill out the proper damage forms and take care of replacing/repairing the broken item. If you fail to report any accidental damage during your stay or damage is caused by your neglect or lack of care, you will be charged for incurred damages or repairs.


There should be sufficient parking for two vehicles at the property. We ask that Renters do not park additional vehicles, campers, RVS, boats, trailers etc. on lawns as this can damage the lawn or any underlying plumbing, electrical lines or septic systems.

Wells and Septic Systems

Many homes in Maine are set up with private wells and septic systems instead of being on public water and waste systems. Please conserve your water usage, especially if Maine is experiences extremely dry conditions. Wells can “run dry” if used excessively. Septic systems can only process toilet paper. Please do not flush baby wipes, feminine products or any other foreign objects down the toilet. Doing so could result in costly damage.

Vacation Rental Property

The rental property does not include the use of any outbuildings, garages, sheds, attics, basements or areas other than the normal living spaces of the property. Although Renters may have access to these spaces for trash and recycling receptacles or amenity storage, they are not intended for storage of Renters’ personal items, sleeping, parking or work space.


Guests who have been approved to bring their pet agree to clean up after them inside and outside the rental property. This includes vacuuming up pet hair inside the property and picking up all fecal matter outside the property. Guests agree that their pet has been and will continue to be on a flea treatment prior to and during their time at the rental property. Maine has a leash law that we ask all guests to follow.


Vacation Cottages has made every effort to ensure the information advertised and listed about each property is correct. Vacation Cottages does not own any of the listed properties offered for rent and relies on the Property Owner to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date. If there are any sufficient changes made to a property after a guest makes a reservation such as, changing the size of a bed or removing a major amenity Vacation Cottages will contact the guest as soon as possible. Otherwise, any updated information about the property can be found by reviewing the property listing page on