6 Things You Didn’t Know About Maine

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More than 1.3 million people call Maine their home. It’s also the destination of many vacationers each year. Both residents and visitors are aware that Maine is known for its lobster and other seafood. They delight in Maine’s coastline and bodies of water.

But there are other interesting facts about Maine that even natives might not know. Here are just a few of Maine’s hidden treasures.

1. Maine Is the Country’s Largest Blueberry Producer

Maine is indeed known for its lobsters—90% of the country’s lobsters come from Maine. But another food Maine is known for is its blueberries. In fact, 99% of the country’s blueberries are grown in Maine. In 2012, Maine produced more than 90 million pounds of blueberries.

2. Maine Inspired Several Writers

Many renowned writers lived and wrote in Maine. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine. His first poem, “The Battle of Lovell’s Pond,” appeared in the Portland Gazette when Longfellow was just thirteen.

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote her ground-breaking 1852 novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin while living in Brunswick, Maine. The novel was a huge influence in the anti-slavery movement.

In more recent years, Stephen King wrote his first novel, Carrie, while living in Bangor, Maine. Many of his books take place in Maine, including It and Pet Sematary.

The author of the famed children’s book Charlotte’s Webb, about the spider that weaved life-saving words in her web for her pig friend Wilbur, EB White resided in Brooklin, Maine. Favorite children’s stories of many locals, One Morning In Maine and Blueberries for Sal written by Robert McCloskey were based in the charming coastal town of Brooksville, Maine.

3. Maine Is the First U.S. State to See the Sunrise

As the most eastern city in the United States, Eastport, Maine is the first place in the United States to see the sunrise. Maine residents and visitors love watching the sunrise in the morning, knowing they’re among the first people in the country to see the sun that day.

4. It’s Home to New England’s Only National Park

The New England area has just one national park, and it’s in Maine. Acadia National Park is a great place to camp and hike in the summer or ski and snowshoe in the winter. Its any carriage roads allow visitors to mountain bike far away from vehicles and other city distractions. Acadia’s many natural wonders include the ocean, forest, and mountains. You’ll also find the tallest mountain on the Atlantic coast at Acadia National Park.

5. Several Successful Companies Started in Maine

You might assume that most big companies start in California or New York. But several well-known companies began right here in Maine.

One of these is the outdoor clothing company L.L. Bean, which was started in 1912 in Freeport, Maine. Visitors and customers delight in the giant boot statue in front of the flagship store in Freeport and if that boot isn’t enough, keep an eye out for the L.L. Bean bootmobile which can be spotted driving throughout the state.

Another renowned company with roots in Maine is Burt’s Bees. It was co-founded by beekeeper Burt Schavitz and Roxanne Quimby in 1984. The company’s first products were beeswax candles and honey, and it now sells skin care products, lip care products, and other grooming products.

Several large companies have their headquarters in Maine, including Fairchild Semiconductor, Hannaford Bros. Co., and TD Bank.

6. It Has a Desert

When most people think of Maine’s landscape, they think of mountains or sea coast. They probably don’t think of desert. However, Maine is home to a 40-acre desert, the Desert of Maine. The desert was created accidentally by the farming practices of a family during the late 1700s. It became a tourist attraction in 1925, and now has a gift shop and two museums.

Because of these and many other reasons, Maine is one of the most interesting places to visit in the country. You’ll never be bored when you choose Maine as your vacation destination. If you’re ready to book your trip to Maine, stay at a comfortable vacation cottage provided by Vacation Cottages.

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