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Vacation Cottages is the premiere location to advertise your Maine vacation rental home.  We offer many home rental packages specifically designed to help individual home owners with their rental needs whether you just need some extra advertising to fill those hard to rent weeks or if you’re looking to fill 12+ weeks, our repeat client list dating back to 1979 and our powerful on line advertising will help get the job done.       


Choosing a package that’s right for you

All Homeowners must be involved in the rental process the question is to what extent?

Our Referral Package is right for you if you’re a Homeowner who likes to maintain full control of everything from doing all the advertising, to having your own web page, answering all inquiries, speaking to the Guests directly, sending leases, collecting money, sending reminders/directions, leaving personalized gift baskets, catering to the Guests every want and need, cleaning up after the Guests, dealing with security deposits, hiring/firing /paying cleaners, lawn personnel and caretakers and to collect/pay in Maine Lodging tax.   Vacation Cottages simply forwards any Guests interest through our web site to the Homeowner for the Homeowner to contact directly.


Our Non Managed Package  is perfect if you’re a Homeowners who advertises on your own and are just looking to fill empty or hard to rent weeks , maybe you only let friends and family use the property and you just want to fill what weeks are left over or maybe you even have the property listed with another property manager.  Whatever the situation may be Vacation Cottages, with the Homeowners approval will issue a lease, collect and disperse funds including Maine lodging tax and will get the Guests to the property. Once arrived, the Guests and their problems/wants/needs is the Homeowners responsibility to tend to and take care of.


Our Full Managed Package is great if you’re a Homeowner who wants little to do with renting the property. Homeowners only responsibility for this package is to call and have the water & electricity turned on and off at the beginning and end of the each season.  Vacation Cottages does all the  advertising and handles all the dealings with the Guests. Homeowners never have contact with the Guests and vise versa. Vacation Cottages is on call 24 / 7 and sees that the property is ready to rent in between Guests and handles all problems and issues that may arise.  Vacation Cottages pays forward any unexpected bills and later deducts from Homeowners proceeds showing copies of all receipts.


Our Deluxe Package is for Homeowners who want nothing to do with renting and just want to relinquish all decision making and keys over to Vacation Cottages. Homeowners only responsibility is to cash the monthly checks which Vacation Cottages sends. Vacation Cottages handles every single aspect of renting including getting the house ready for rentals to closing the house up at the end of the season. 



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